A new host

Hello everyone! We have just moved from Heart Internet to 1&1 with a new domain name!
We also now have an SSL certificate and support HTTPS!
With our new host, our site should be more responsive and enjoyable to use.
Our old domain will no longer host the site, and the YandereArchiver email on the old domain is no longer checked. If you want to email me, please use the new email address listed on the Contact Page.

Thank you for taking the time to look at yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk!

Happy Halloween 2018 & DL Updates!

Happy halloween everyone! I wish you are all enjoying your halloween, either if you are going treat or treating or just staying in.

I would like to announce that all of the download links for the builds of Yandere Simulator on the site will be moving from Mega and onto OneDrive. I have done the 2014, 2015 and some of the 2016 links at the moment, so please bear with me whilst I update the rest. Also, all of the links are now direct, so when you click them, the download will start right away.

Thank you for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk!

The End of August, the end of summer.

Hello everyone! I haven’t wrote on here for a while and I would like to update on all of the new builds that have came out since I last was active.

In August, there was 5 new builds. These are from August:

There was some drastic game changes in these builds including the inclusion of all the clubs in the game! I think that they will add challenge to the game and make the game more fun.

I’m sorry I have not been active on this site much, however I should be more active over the next coming months.

Thank you for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk

What happened to YandereDev’s WordPress Blog?

Hello. Usually I do not post on the blog in the middle of the month but I have something important to talk about.
Since yesterday, YandereDev’s WordPress Blog has been down. It got suspended for some random reason.

I hope that it comes back online soon. If not, it may be moving to a new site, so I’ll be following on with the issue.
For the time being, let’s hope that it comes back online.

Thanks for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk!

An edit to yesterday’s post

Hello! Yesterday, I forgot to add that a new build of Yandere Simulator is now available and ready to download!

You can learn more about it here: https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2018/07/01/july-2018-progress-report/#more-11706

You can download it here or on the official Yandere Simulator website.

Thank you for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk!

(Usually, I only post about the new builds at the end of the month, however, they will still be added when they come out)

1st July, June’s builds

Hello. everyone! Today marks the first of July and so marks the time where I list June’s builds.
During June, we have had 5 new builds! These are:

On the 25 June 2018, we had some screenshots of what the new builds might look like.
These really excite me because they look quite important game mechanics!
Post your thoughts on these images!

Also, the website has been changed today and is now on its own domain and hosting, archivedgames.uk!
This was a domain that I was not using so I though I would re-purpose it!

Thanks for visiting archivedgames.uk!
(kinda sounds weird that i’m saying “archivedgames.uk” instead of “yanderesimarchives.wordpress.com”)