The End of March

Sorry for being a couple of days late, but it is now the end of March and therefore it is time to discuss the builds that came out in March!

In March 5 builds were released. These were:

These builds have mostly included bug fixes, but they also include some minor changes / features. These can be found in their respective blog posts on YandereDev’s blog (

Thank you for visiting!

5 Replies to “The End of March”

      1. No worries!
        I do like to visit back when I first downloaded YS or even go back to the first few builds and find the most interesting hidden or secret stuff hidden within.
        For example, there IS another 2 levels hidden in the 13/11/2014 build, but you cant activate it unless you either mod the game or find a way to extract the levels to see for yourself,

        But thanks again for these builds

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