February 15th Build – small technical changes, big game play changes!

Hello everyone! I typically do not write a blog post for an individual build, but I decided to do one this time. This is because even though the changes sound small, they drastically can change the game play.

Many events that were exclusive to Kokona are now available to everyone such as pushing off people off the roof, dropping heavy objects on people etc. This changes how we deal with other students / rivals as they now will be able to be killed by methods that were exclusive to Kokona.

I feel that this brings more of an organic feel to the game and the events no longer feel scripted like they used to.

The new build that includes these changes are now available to download from this website.

You can see the full change log of this build here.

Thank you for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk!

The end of January, new builds available.

Hello everyone. Firstly, I want to say that I am sorry for not updating this website much over the last few months. I have had other things to do and therefore the only thing I have been able to do is upload the latest builds of the game ready for you to download.

Anyways, in January, there has been 5 builds released. These are:


All of these builds can be downloaded here.

On Februrary 1st 2019, there was a new build released for Yandere Simulator. It will be on the website as soon as I have access to my main computer, which will be in about 1 hour.

I wish all of you have a nice day and I thank you for visiting yanderesimulatorbuilds.uk.