New Builds Available!

Hi everyone! After lots of tedious work and uploading, i have added many more builds to the website!. These are:

January 4th 2017
January 17th 2017
February 2nd 2017
February 9th 2017
February 14th 2017
March 1st 2017
March 11st 2017
March 15th 2017
March 25th 2017
March 28th 2017
April 9th 2017
April 15th 2017
May 19th 2017
May 20th 2017
May 31st 2017
June1st 2017
June 15th 2017
June 28th 2017
July 9th 2017
July 25th 2017
September 2nd 2017
October 2nd 2017
February 4th 2018
February 5th 2018 &
March 31st 2018

Wow! Thats a lot of builds! A new build of Yandere Simulator was released today (31st March 2018) and is available on the website. Also, I hope everyone a Happy Easter and Happy 4th Anniversary Yandere Simulator!

Thank you for visiting!

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